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Our solutions are designed to help companies grow more effectively and efficiently. You get access to the same full time accounting employee at a fraction of the cost.

Accurate Accounting

All bookkeeping go under 2 auditing levels, first one by the bookkeeper himself, and the second level is done by the account manager, to make sure we have zero errors.

Reliable Reports

We deliver our reports on time so you can decide and take the best action to benefit your business


Our plans prices cost you a fraction of the accounting team cost, with the same features and benefits.

We have a wide range of services


Finansfy will handle your financial books with the plan that suits your business.

Zakat & Tax Filing

We provide VAT and Zakat filing services so you can keep in the safe zone.

CFO Advisory

We as your bookkeeper are the best one to ask for financial consultancy or financial planning.

HR & Payroll

Advanced management of your monthly payroll.

Back-Office Support

We support all your operations , and help follow up with your suppliers and customers on dues invoices and other issues.

Business Solutions Software

By merging our financial and IT expertise we provide the best Accounting, ERP, HR, Point of sale, and logistic software solutions.

Industries we are serving at the moment

IT Services Media Production Real Estate Non-Profit Consultancy

Tax Reports Uploaded on time

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Our Clients

What You Need To Know?

What is the scope of the bookkeeping work?

Bookkeeping includes Reconciling bank transactions, Entering supplier bills and paying suppliers, Raising sales invoices, Checking the categorizing of transactions to ensure they have been coded to the correct account and with the correct tax treatment, Preparing reports such as Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet

What are the basic reports you provide?

The main reports any business leader needs are

1-Profit & Loss

2-Balance Sheet

3-Cash Flow Statement

4-Cash Flow Forecasting+ Variations with Historical Data

Can you help me in arranging my data?

Yes we help in arranging your business's financial data in the pre-bookkeeping stage, We always provide the necessary training to our clients so they can provide the data in a suitable way to our bookkeepers.

How do we communicate with our clients?

We use multiple pre-agreed communication channels including Emails for formals issues, Chatting apps for day to day work, and the accounting system for documents and reports sending or receiving.

Do you record old data for previous periods?

Yes We provide this as an extra service, and provide it in parallel with recording the recent transactions.

Where are you operating?

We are operating mainly in Saudi Arabia and expanding in the gulf region.

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